There’s no success like failure

Ed Tech Punk Band Exemplifies Failure

I just recently ran into this recording by a little-known (actually, unknown) band “The Wrecklames”. Supposedly the lead singer’s name is Jim Gloom but I’m guessing it’s made up. The lyrics are a bit nihilistic but hey it’s punk rock. Hope you like it! The Wrecklames – Tilde Space

The Disruptor Disrupted? 
Hackathon Students Create Virtual Clayton Christensen

Students at a New York Hackathon have created a new application that threatens to overturn the world of punditry. Following an all-night hacking session, they were able to apply a deep understanding of Machine Learning acquired via Udacity, EdX, and Coursera MOOCs to create software that closely mimics the mental activity of Clayton Christensen. Their

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Failure is good

And if failure is good, total failure is better. At EdFail, that’s what we’re about. Fail hard, fail big, fail fast, but just fail!