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Super Learning Pod — Every Student Can Learn INSIDE THE BOX!

In the COVID-19 era there’s so many things to worry about when returning to campus. You want your students to feel safe, have fun, and focus on their learning. You want to assure parents that their precious progeny will return home safe at the end of the term. And you want to protect those vulnerable faculty, so many of whom are in those tricky “high risk” categories. You’re worried about liability, and you’re worried about how you’re going to pay for it all. Now EdFail has a solution — SUPER LEARNING POD!

student in plexiglass box at tablet arm chair

With SUPER LEARNING POD, your students stay safe, isolated in a protective plexiglass box. After receiving their standard health screening, students are sealed in their SUPER LEARNING POD. Each POD comes equipped with everything the student needs — a tablet arm chair, WiFi, and a microphone for those classes that require student participation. It’s almost like a ZOOM session, but you’re right there in the room with your professor! Negative air pressure and UV light (optional) assure that each student can’t infect anyone else.

SUPER LEARNING POD is portable and flexible. Using standard forklift fittings, the POD can be moved from classroom to classroom with the student safely inside. Classroom configurations support mounting PODs on top of each other, allowing for the ever-popular “Hollywood Squares” effect.

You can even take SUPER LEARNING POD to a party or a football game. An optional add-on allows the POD to float on the campus lazy river. And once the student leaves, the entire POD can be disinfected and ready for the next day — or the next shift. Facilities, custodial, and IT staff love the simplicity and flexibility of the POD system.

Learning in the class — and on the quad — SUPER LEARNING POD is your best value for Fall 2020 and beyond. Many institutions are using CARES Act funding to purchase their PODs. Talk to your representative today about how you can make SUPER LEARNING PODs. All orders received before June 30, 2020 will include your campus logo or mascot laser-etched into each POD to reinforce your brand.

Testimonials — Everybody Loves the POD!

I was losing sleep wondering how to get students back to campus safely and avoid financial ruin — now with my PODs on the way, I’m sleeping soundly. — College President

Cleaning classrooms by hand is so tedious I was looking at adding extra custodial staff. Now two of my guys can sanitize the campus environment in just six hours a night. — Facilities Supervisor

I love being able to listen to my own music and even sneak a vape without anybody knowing. The POD is the bomb! — Student

This is so much better than working at home. Now, if I can just remember to unmute my mic! Nah, that’s not going to happen! — Instructor

Paid for itself in six weeks. — CFO


  • Rugged, OSHA-certified plexiglass sides
  • Sealed entryway with 2 year warranty on the seals
  • Quiet and energy efficient air handling system
  • Standard tablet arm chair
  • Individual WiFi antenna
  • High fidelity microphone with swing arm stand
  • Power outlet for laptop and phone
  • Standard forklift fitting and stacking system
  • A two year warranty on all components – guaranteed to get you through a complete Global Pandemic cycle
  • 100% ADA Compliant (VPAT coming soon)

Additional cost options:

  • UV light
  • Inflatable floatation
  • Enhanced seating with in-seat comfort sanitation system
  • Digital black-out shades for student privacy (permits POD to serve as an alternative to expensive and dangerous dormitories)
  • Two-way isolation door for students to receive Amazon and Postmates deliveries
  • Anti-Plag 360 video academic integrity system, compatible with major online proctoring services
  • Green-screen for virtual backgrounds

Now your students can LEARN INSIDE THE BOX! Order right away for delivery by August 1, 2020. Assembled in the USA with parts from China, South Korea, and Indonesia.

From EdFail, where every disruption is a failure, and every failure is a success.


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